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Are you looking for an incentive to keep your New Year keep fit regime going? If so you may be interested to know that Spartan is coming back to the Estate in July – Sprint on Saturday 23rd July and Beast on Sunday 24th July.

If you have never heard of Spartan it is described as:
Imagine a large area of rough terrain. It might be sandy or muddy. It could be a hilly meadow or a forest. It could be anything. Throw in a few hills here and there, and maybe a river or a lake sits in the middle of this. We’ll put a course that runs through and around the area. Then, we’ll put some obstacles in the way. Obstacles that will make you climb, crawl or carry yourself over, through and past them. If you fail one of these obstacles, you do 30 burpees and then you continue.

Full details and applications can be found at

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